Klarwin® is the European leader specialized in innovative solutions in the field of applied engineering for fluids filtration and purification, water treatment and turn-key solutions for various processes and applications with the most comprehensive integrated process control and real-time monitoring systems preferred by its clients for its know-how and valuable cross industries expertise that brings impact in businesses through optimization, efficiency, and alignment to global sustainability standards.

Our story starts in 2004 through a pioneering act. The founder Adrian Dobre and his engineers’ team preserved since then the skin in the game and the vision ahead.

The two decades of activity on the emergent East European markets made us get a deeper sense of our client’s needs, and accumulate irreplaceable experience in more industries and domains, to create a valuable network of partners so that we can adjust and personalize solutions with the most appropriate technology.


Klarwin® is the emerging European company specialised in technical consultancy, systems and services in the area of applied engineering for filtration, separation and purification of fluids and treatment of water.

Pharma Technology

Klarwin® provides its clients with complex solutions for processing pharmaceutical fluids, optimization and/or full control of the contamination of the existing processes, according to the latest GMP requirements.

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Food & Beverage

Klarwin® Food & Beverage Technology offers filtration, separation and purification solutions for water, alcoholic and soft beverages and dairy products.

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Energy Technology

Klarwin® Energy Technology supports power plants and the oil and gas industry through up-to-date technologies and technical support for filtration, separation and purification of fluids from all process cycles.

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Environment Technology

Environmental protection is at the core of all our plans and actions, and, for that, we are actively involved in public and private landfill and water treatment projects.

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Cross-industry experience

Scientific & Laboratory

Klarwin®, as a solid provider of fluid filtration, separation and purification technologies, offers also laboratory products and services to evaluate and monitor fluid and parts cleanliness.

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Klarwin® Technik provides technical assistance for installation, commissioning, system optimization, software upgrades and staff training programs for system operation and administration.

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Automotive & Industrial

Klarwin® Automotive & Industrial Technology specialises in providing filtration, separation and purification technologies that ensure the desired level of cleanliness of all the fluids involved in industrial applications, from primary metals to final products.

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Water Platform

Klarwin® Water Platform offers water treatment and wastewater treatment solutions, thus helping to protect natural resources and the environment in the long run.

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In this section you have access to the latest news about our work and materials from previous years.

Klarwin, an example of good practices in the treatment of leachate Bârcea Mare Waste Management Center

Klarwin is announcing the successful implementation of the project for supplementing the leachate treatment capacity at the Bârcea Mare Waste Management Center, in Hunedoara. This was also confirmed by the local authorities, following an unexpected check that took place earlier this week.

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