About us

A regional pioneer, Klarwin® is drawing its strength from accumulated knowledge across multiple industries, a top engineers team, and long term partnerships built over time, within a premium network of technology suppliers and with remarkable clients.
The Klarwin® team is lead by Adrian Dobre, as founder and CEO. Back in 2004, Adrian founded the company Process Engineering SRL (owner of the Klarwin® trademark) with a vision to bring together and facilitate technological solutions for industrial applications.

Fifteen years later, Adrian fulfills this vision with a team of over 50 top specialists, over 250 clients and over 15 partnerships with leading worldwide technology producers.

Our name, Klarwin®, speaks about key category benefits (clarity, purity), and also about a win-win-win approach to business:

our clients’ benefit

best representation for our partners

growth of our company.

”Fluid perfection®” is our guiding promise. It implies openness, flexibility and empathy, a smooth collaboration with our business partners, commitment to excellence, and tackling the challenges of our industry with state-of-the-art technological solutions. We keep this promise flowing – with talent, know-how, dedication, and professional honesty.


We are engineers that think, design and implement solutions for the benefit of our customers. Our solutions are the result of the accumulation of cross-industry expertise and collaboration with the best technology manufacturers. Fluid perfection results from talent, applied and committed work, professional honesty. Our business operations are driven by a win-win-win ideology.

Our guiding values in all what we are doing are: Rigor, Know-how, Partnership, Passion, Excellence, Integrity.


We conduct our processes through creative intelligence and logic, from the birth of an idea to its implementation


``Fluid perfection`` is achieved through focus and enthusiasm for our field, through professional fervor that includes the joy of seeking and suggesting solutions, through transforming any problem in an opportunity.


``Fluid perfection`` means, first of all, that one always knows how to act in a given context. Besides knowledge, this requires interest for the field, continuous development, the ambition to be the best and to offer the perfect solution.


Performance beyond expectations, a smooth and constructive perfectionism - one that does not block processes, but opens them. Even though this may not be immediately noticed by our customers, we build for the future.


``Fluid perfection`` implies openness, flexibility, along with smooth and continuous collaboration with our business partners. Our relationships are based on trust, cooperation, respect and mutual interest in delivering remarkable results.


Through integrity, we protect all our other values and we make the connection between the personal and professional life.