About us

Our story starts in 2004 through a pioneering act. The founder Adrian Dobre and his engineers’ team preserved since then the skin in the game and the vision ahead.

We started with a strategic partner, a reference in the industry, Pall Corporation, but we grew through tens of partnerships with suppliers from all over the world. Under these partnerships we grew organically, step by step, by patience and perseverance, we perfected our own portfolio and defined our own standards. We came across opportunities that challenged us and strengthened our performance.

The two decades of activity on the emergent East European markets made us get a deeper sense of our client’s needs, and accumulate irreplaceable experience in more industries and domains, to create a valuable network of partners so that we can adjust and personalize solutions with the most appropriate technology.

We want to preserve not only our own level of performance but strive to be in the avant-garde of innovative and sustainable solutions – some of them even uncomfortable, or that bring about systemic changes and business efficiency, and large-scale success.

”Fluid perfection®” is not only a slogan or a promise but a mantra that inspires our daily performance and a lens through which we look at our job.

”Fluid perfection®” is a way to build lasting and meaningful relationships with clients.

”Fluid perfection®” is a way of being, always inspiring for the business and its people.


Klarwin® is the European leader in the fluids filtration, purification and water treatment field identifying with innovation and technological leadership through uncompromising standards of performance.

Process optimization and personalized solutions for clients are the natural consequences of these standards. ”Fluid perfection®” is the promise and the credo that inspires the business, the organization, its modus operandi, and its future.

Our guiding values in all what we are doing are: Rigor, Know-how, Partnership, Passion, Excellence, Integrity.

RIGOR – in all we do:

We set our own standards and live up to them, nevertheless of what we have to do: we apply the same measures and success metrics for systemic solutions and for punctual, small solutions equally.

PASSION – for engineering and innovation:

To stay relevant, we keep up with the latest innovations in the field, expose our minds to new trends in our field, challenge ourselves, we search for recognition, and grow professionally with each project.

KNOW-HOW – tacit, accumulated in time:

We had the chance to be exposed to different project typologies and gather a rich credential on multiple business verticals. This does not mean that we apply one-size-fits-all types of solutions. Instead, we preserved inquisitive, fresh thinking, we question enthusiastically and we always dig deeper.


Performance beyond expectations, a smooth and constructive perfectionism - one that does not block processes, but opens them. Even though this may not be immediately noticed by our customers, we build for the future.

PARTNERSHIP and skin in the game

We are involved in long-term partnerships with reputable, regional, or global companies because we proved worthy of their trust. We can offer relevant and innovative solutions because we never stopped learning.


We know that we do good because we are animated by the vision of sustainability. All our efforts are towards the greater good for individuals, communities, cities, and the environment. Our applied engineering finds its most direct application in people’s lives.