Automotive and Industrial Technology

Klarwin offers the most advanced filtration, separation and purification technologies that ensure the needed level of cleanliness of all the fluids involved in industrial applications, from raw materials to final products.

More than 70 years of expertise worldwide, developed in Romania since 2004

Klarwin® ensures the necessary cleanliness level of a wide range of industrial fluids, from potable water, process water or wastewater, to oils and gases.

We come with an extended concept

Total Cleanliness Control (TCC) concept integrates filtration, separation and purification technologies, together with monitoring systems and services. Rely on our continuous, on-site, technical support for your processes’ continuous improvement.


We select the proper technology to efficiently remove solid contaminants from a fluid flow, either liquid or gas.


We engineer the solution that will ensure the removal of undesired contaminants, either dissolved or free, from a fluid flux.


We design the highest performance technologies that ensure selective removal of contaminants from oil, waste water or other fluids.


We monitor the results using the latest equipment to determine fluid contamination, with real time notifications on the fluid and filter condition.


Contact us and you’ll benefit from technical on-site assistance throughout the project’s entire life span. Our services include also fluid and parts cleanliness laboratory analyses, cleanliness audits, equipment rental etc.


Whatever you want to do – remove lubricants or paint coat, get rid of shavings or solve any other problem – we have the solution.

Our technologies are implemented at over 200 clients from automotive industry, pulp and paper, mining and other industrial domains

Hydraulic and lubrication systems are critical!

Studies show that equipment failures are 70% of the times due to surface degradation, either mechanical wear or corrosion [Rabinowicz, 1981].

The main enemies are particles, especially metallic, and water, decreasing the reliability of the system and causing costly and frequent maintenance work.

No system has ever failed because it was too clean

Analyse the process

We analyse the process, looking for sensitive equipment like, servo-valves, high pressure pumps, bearings etc.

Set a limit

We recommend a fluid cleanliness class that will ensure system protection

Take action

We implement the proper treatment solution, we clean-up the fluids impacting the system, according to the cleanliness specification.


We make sure that the selected solution is effective, and we recommend a preventive maintenance schedule.

Act now for a long-term protection

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Measurable results:

Less failures and maintenance work due to reduced wear and corrosion in components and pipelines

No clogging of jets, nozzles and orifices, no valve or other moving components jamming

Prevented oil degradation (precipitation of additives, varnish, chemical degradation)

Proper lift effects in journal bearings and reduced vibration in lubricated machinery

Significantly less liquid waste by increasing fluid life

Success stories

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We improve manufacturing processes together

By removing contaminants in coolant, the performance of the fluid is preserved, decreasing surface defects and protecting tool life.

Solution: filtration based on the application requirements and fluid type (oil, oil-water emulsion, gel) and tramp oil separation.

Measurable results:

Increased fluid life

Increased tool accuracy, better part surface finish, consequently reduced scrap rate

Increased tool life, significant improvement in the case of tools with internal cooling

Cleaner components, that can impact following processes

Less waste by increasing fluid life

Less maintenance

Success stories

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We optimize washing processes together

The effectiveness of the washing process depends highly on the cleanliness of the washing fluid. In all washing machines, reducing particles and oil content from the washing fluid is a prerequisite for the quality of the process.

Solution: washing liquid filtration/ purification and oil separation in place.

Measurable results:

Cleaner components,

Reduced frequency of water change and reduced detergent use

Less waste due to the increased fluid life

Less machine failure and maintenance work

Reduced re-washes and process downtime

Success stories

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Sustainable water use

We support the moderate use of natural resources and processing them in safe conditions for the environment. For that, we work together to find the necessary solutions to maximize water-based fluids’ life and to treat wastewater in order to reuse it in the process.

We design the proper solution for all kinds of water necessities, in various industries, like automotive, primary metals, mining, pulp and paper etc:

Incoming water, either groundwater, surface or municipal water

Process water for washing, emulsions, steam boiler make-up water, cooling water

Drinking water

Wastewater, either from manufacturing processes or from facilities.

Our range of solutions

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Maximize process efficiency

Minimize cost and waste

For a sustainable future

Success stories

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Are you breathing fresh air?

Industrial plant air can contain different kinds of contaminants, including smoke, fumes, soot, airborne dusts and mists from various industrial processes.

Particles <1µm are the most frequent (90%), stay longer in the air and are the most dangerous for respiratory system. By filtration of factory air, workers are protected, and pollution of environmental air is reduced.

Critical processes like press-fit assembling, painting or microelectronics processes, need clean rooms to ensure process quality. Keeping airborne particles out is crucial in achieving cleanroom according to ISO 14644.

Do you have processes that generate VOCs? Remove them efficiently as well as other contaminants and dangerous substances generated, thus reducing environmental impact.

Improve your compressed air quality by removing particles, water and oil.

Change starts with you

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The fast lane to a perfect finish

Cause of defects: Visible particles (>40µm), agglomerated particles, or gels

The main challenge in paint filtration: designing the solution that will allow paint pigments or additives to pass but will be efficient in contaminant removal.

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Measurable results:

Reduced defects on the painted part,

Decreased defect rework costs,

Decreased production downtime.

Success stories

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Cleanliness at it's finest!

In production, the cleaning challenges are often difficult to predict. However, they need to be met with an appropriate solution. There can be many details, so we have many solutions.

Our solutions include industrial washing solutions in the spray, submersible and ultrasonic technologies and fully automatized positions as well.

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Cost-effective and innovative machinery solutions

We innovate solutions for industrial fluids

Advanced technical innovations in automotive and other industries require manufacturing better quality products, faster, while increasing critical equipment lifetime. Fluid cleanliness is strongly related with the efficiency of all industrial processes.

Our filtration, separation and purification technologies are primarily cost reduction tools, improving product quality, production machines’ uptime and equipment reliability.

Rental equipment

We continuously upgrade our equipment fleet for renting and testing, offering, with no investment cost, the possibility to improve fluid cleanliness. Moreover, we test the effectiveness and efficiency of a solution, to certify that we always deliver what we promised.

Rental solutions

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Choose a training with us

Our goal is to provide you with practical training seminars, inspiring for all levels of experience and qualification.

Fluid cleanliness measurements;

Component cleanliness measurement;

Overview on ISO 16232 / VDA 19 and ISO 18413 standard;

How to achieve and maintain the desired cleanliness level;

Effects of filtration on fluid and component cleanliness level;

Improving hydraulic and lubrication equipment reliability;

Success stories;

Cost reduction through fluid cleanliness improvement

And other personalized trainings.

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