Energy Technology

We specialise in providing filtration, separation and purification technologies that ensure the desired level of cleanliness of all the fluids involved in fuel production, special chemical processing or in power generation plants.

Klarwin® supports the Oil & Gas industry and Power Plants through up-to-date technologies and technical support for filtration, separation and purification of fluids from all process cycles.


Our specialists support oil & gas assets, refineries, chemical & petrochemical, fertilizer, biodiesel & bioethanol production units, with technical assistance and top-level technology in the field of filtration and separation of fluids.




Chemical & Petrochemical plants


Biodiesel & Bioethanol


The technical solutions we propose for Power Generation units, whether the energy is produced from nuclear, fossil or renewable sources, helps protect equipment, steam boilers, turbines and the water/steam cycle, in order to be more productive, use less fuel and increase equipment reliability.

Thermal power plants

Nuclear Power Plants

Hydro energy

Wind Turbines

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