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The need for chemical fertilizers is increasing, both due to the soil exhaustion and the increase of agricultural production. Filtration, separation and purification applications have shown a fast payback by increasing the production, efficiency, production capacity and decreasing the costs of raw materials and catalysts. Some of the applications that bring the most benefits include: the protection of platinum sieves in the Nitric Acid plant, the protection of static and dynamic equipment in Ammonia and Urea plants and the recovery of carry-over platinum in the Nitric Acid streams.

Main applications:

Separation of oil contamination from the ammonia in the Nitric Acid Units prevents clogging of platinum sieves in the Nitric Acid Reactor.

Filtration of solid particles from the ammonia-air mixture before the platinum-based catalyst (sieves) from the Nitric Acid Reactors increases lifetime and performance.

Retaining the Platinum-rich sludge in the low-concentration Nitric Acid stream brings important savings, due to recovering of platinum which further is deducted from new platinum sieve costs.

Separation of oil contamination of from the Ammonia stream for Urea plants protects the reaction systems.

Filtration of Ammonia and / or Urea streams improves plant efficiency and helps increase equipment reliability.

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We are constantly developing a fleet of testing or rental equipment, offering the opportunity to improve fluid cleanliness for a low cost. In addition, we test the effectiveness and efficiency of our solution to ensure that we deliver what we promised.

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