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Environmental protection is at the core of all our plans and actions, and, for that, we are actively involved in public and private landfill treatment projects.

Klarwin® Environment Technology offers filtration, separation and purification solutions for landfill leachate and landfill gas treatment. Based on state-of-the-art equipment for leachate treatment and controlled combustion of landfill gas, and our engineers’ knowledge and expertise, we support a sustainable waste management.

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5 countries with local office:

countries with local office:

Romania (Bucharest, Târgu Mureş)

Germany (Hamburg)

Slovenia (Slovenskig Gorica)

Hungary (Budapest)


4 partnerships with Europe’s technology leaders

partnerships with Europe’s technology leaders  



KRAMBO Slovenia


30 cumulated years of experience

in water treatment and waste management projects, including in ISPA, EU, EBRD and World Bank funded projects


150 sites

where Klarwin is present with landfill leachate treatment solutions and landfill gas management (biogas)

Protecting resources on the long term

Choose the highest performance of landfill treatment technology

Klarwin offers complete technical support for landfill treatment projects: design, calculations, technical projects, technical specifications for auctions, commissioning, service, maintenance and repairs.

Disc TubeTM Reverse Osmosis (DTRO)

Klarwin’s technology, based on Pall’s Disc Tube Reverse Osmosis (DTRO) module, in exclusive regional collaboration with Grimm & Wulff Anlagen und Systembau GmbH, produces the best quality of treated water (permeate), which can be discharged back into the environment, used for irrigation or as process water.

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guaranteed operation time

8000 h

continuous operation

10 years

membrane life

20 years

equipment life

This technology has the most references in treating landfills leachate, found in most of the capitals in Central, South and Eastern Europe. Worldwide, there are more than 2,000 filtration systems delivered.

The leachate treatment systems are manufactured in Germany. The specialists in Hamburg were the first worldwide to develop and manufacture reverse osmosis technology in leachate treatment, and therefore, have the longest experience in the field. The authors of these technologies have important publications in this field and, also, other patents for related technologies.

The factory in Hamburg, Germany, has a portfolio of over 2000 filtration and reverse osmosis systems for various applications such as: water desalination, industrial and military applications and, mostly, landfills leachate treatment.

The Landfill Leachate Treatment Plants (LLTP) are designed in one or more filtration steps, that can be added to obtain the desired result depending on the quality and the variable quantity of the leachate available.

Leachate stage (RO1)

Permeate stage (RO2)

Concentrated stage (RO6)

The stripper

The Ion Exchanger


The DT configuration has countless advantages over competitors’ technologies, such as:
– Easy and fast start-up and shut-downs
– No chemical pre-treatment needed
– Easy Maintenance – modules can be opened and tested, a single cushion can be replaced
– Modules are certified and approved by TUV Technischer Ueberwachuns-Verein Nord e.V.

The water quality (leachate and permeate) is constantly controlled by measuring conductivity, pH, pressure and temperature. Implementing these values into the control system leads to great reliability in operation of the leachate treatment plant.

The special cleaning agents, produced by Grimm & Wulff, are the most effective because they are specially created to clean the membranes well enough and, at the same time, not affect their performance and lifetime. Combined with up-to-date technology, it guarantees maximum process stability and reduces membrane degradation to ensure system longevity.

Complete technical assistance

Cloud transparency

Klarwin Monitoring System saves times and money, by providing operators the necessary information to optimize the system performance, daily. Moreover, it can proactively identify the way that the plant will perform in the future, to solve any potential problem in the system performance, prevent downtime and to maintain the desired water quality.

Scalable technology for air monitoring

Klarwin presents OIZOM solutions for air monitoring, cost-effective and scalable, customizable according to various parameters of interest: quality, pollutant gases, odour and toxic emissions, noise, meteorological conditions, radiation, etc. Ideal both for industrial activity and for measuring air quality in communities.

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Polludrone is a fully integrated real-time air quality monitoring System that delivers reference equivalent performance. It is a comprehensive solution to monitor all the critical ambient environmental parameters related to air quality, noise, odor, weather, and radiation. In addition, meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, flood levels, and visibility can be monitored using external modules for ground-level weather data.

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Odosense is an e-nose based odour monitoring system designed to monitor various odourful and toxic gases. Odosense continuously detects, measures, and monitors the odourful gaseous contaminants. Oizom Odour Monitoring device comprises a network of e-noses (OdosenseTM) positioned on the periphery of the site. One can also monitor meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction by using external modules. The weather modules enable us to trace the odorant dispersion plume and identify odour source.

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Dustroid is a continuous Air Particulate Monitoring system to measure the concentration of dust particulates in the ambient air. The range of dust monitoring system is capable of monitoring various sizes of particulates ranging from 1 micron to 100 microns such as Ultrafine Suspended Particulate Matter – PM1 (UFPM), Respiratory Particulate Matter – PM2.5 (RSPM), Suspended Particulate Matter – PM10 (SPM), and Total Suspended Particulates – PM100 (TSP). By using external modules one can also monitor meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction to identify PM dispersion and impact of dust levels in a vicinity.

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Copy of Rainstorm_Weathercom_Automatic_Weather_Station

Weathercom is an Automatic Weather Station (AWS). It measures meteorological parameters such as wind speed & direction, rainfall, visibility, UV-radiation, light intensity, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. Through Weathercom, monitoring of hyper-local meteorological parameters can be possible in real-time, which can help to make on-time decisions in case of any natural hazard.

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AQBot is an industrial air quality monitor with automation capabilities. AQBot Series offers a wide range of air quality parameters to choose from. AQBot product range consists of critical ambient parameters and toxic gases like Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), Ammonia (NH3), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Methane (CH4), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Formaldehyde (CH2O), Particulate Matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10, PM100), Ambient Noise, etc. The AQBot series is designed for easy operation to suit multiple applications in the industry.

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Envizom is an air quality monitoring software for real-time air quality data acquisition, visualization, and analytics. The Oizom environmental data interpretation engine fetches the data from the Oizom Environmental monitoring stations. On receiving the data, the engine runs necessary corrections and compensation algorithms. Envizom uses secured HTTPS servers for data storage. Alternatively, this data can also be stored on local servers.

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Choose an efficient landfill gas and biogas management solution

Klarwin®, in collaboration with top partners, offers the most efficient solution for handling of combustible gases, wherever they need to be collected, transported or removed to reduce the greenhouse effect. We are your partner for the controlled combustion of landfill gases, biogas, mining gas or industrial gases at high temperatures.

Our equipment is produced in Switzerland. Nowadays, there are more than 2,000 gas systems delivered worldwide, for any type of gas (landfill gas, biogas, industrial gas).

The technology respects the laws and norms of gas extraction and burning, meaning methane concentration of approx. 15-30%, according to the environmental legislation.

Why choose Klarwin?

• High safety standard;
• Compact automation;
• Quick installation and commissioning;
• Minimum operating, maintenance and service costs;
• Minimum on-site training.

The design of high temperature flares is based on the specific requirements of the project and the composition of the gas.

The system consists in:

  • Gas collection piping system;
  • Pump station for gas processing;
  • EeX blower for the extraction of the gas from the landfill;
  • Flare for low emission combustion of landfill gas;
  • Burner control systems approved by DVGW to provide a defined combustion process;

High safety standard

The pumping and open-flare equipment incorporates elements that are compliant with safety regulations and specifications for the landfill gas delivery and combustion. Components that come in contact with gases are free of rust and resistant to pressures up to 6 bars. The gas analysis system continuously monitors the composition efficiency of the landfill gas and stops the plant before an explosive mixture is formed in the system.

Our Technik Team

From a basic service package to a full one, every partner gets Klarwin’s specific support to keep their equipment in the best conditions, for a competitive total cost of ownership. The technical support is provided by dedicated service teams, in specific regions of Europe, who speak the local languages. For more details see the division Klarwin Technik.

Our After Sales Team

From the moment the equipment is installed, started-up, commissioned, and the operator is trained by a Klarwin engineer, we maintain a close contact through After-Sales services, for spare parts, predictive and reactive maintenance, technical problems and service, equipment rental.
With the After Sales Service we provide, we give you the dependability in which you can rely.

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Pata Rat Leachate Treatment System - RO

Pata Rat Leachate Treatment System - EN

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