Food and Beverage Technology

Klarwin Food & Beverage Technology offers filtration, separation and purification solutions for water, alcoholic and soft beverages, dairy products and other ingredients in food production.

Through our trained specialists, we can propose solutions and all technical, commercial and logistic support needed, to obtain the unfailing quality for your products at optimized cost.

Long term partnerships, for the guaranteed quality of Food & Beverage products

Our filtration specialists look at processes from a different perspective and come up with new solutions, that are reflected both in the quality of the final products, and in other aspects, such as:

Extending the shelf life of beverages by removing microorganisms;

Reducing requirements for preservatives or other additives that inhibit the development of pathogenic micro-organisms;

Preserving organoleptic characteristics of beverages;

Reduction of operational costs and energy consumption;

Compliance with environmental and consumer goods legislation.

We innovate solutions for your product quality

Solutions for bottled water

Klarwin offers to the natural mineral water or purified water producers, a wide range of solutions for efficient and economical water filtration. This way, we ensure the safety of drinking water, free of microorganisms, parasites or substances, which, by number or concentration, represent a potential danger to health.

Various solutions for your water quality

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Soluții pentru băuturi răcoritoare

Solutions for soft drinks

In soft drinks production, filtration technologies bring multiple benefits, the far most important aspect is to have the same clear product, without microorganisms, maintaining the same taste and aroma in each batch.

Various solutions for your product quality

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Solutions for beer industry

The beer production process must meet the highest standards in order to keep the taste, aroma, purity and freshness of the beer. To create this unique taste and to maintain the uniformity of the flavour from glass to glass, from brand to brand, from brewery to brewery, the manufacturing process needs advanced and reliable technological solutions.

Each step in the brewing process can be customized and adapted to optimize the process.

Solutions for a fully automated process

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Solutions for a flavoured beer

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Solutions for wine manufacturers

The wine making process must meet high standards to preserve the specific characteristics of any grape crop, and create the unique bouquet of the wine, while maintaining an uniform taste and intense flavour, from bottle to bottle.

Special wine automated solutions

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Efficient solutions for wine filtration

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Solutions for Alcoholic and / or distilled beverages

During the process of producing spirits, exclusive removal of the substances or constituents that can cause turbidity is essential. In this way, we make sure we preserve the quality, aroma and taste of the spirits and liqueurs.

Our technologies and experience help distillers maximize process efficiency and obtain low production costs.

Various solutions for your product quality

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Solutions for utilities

To ensure microbiological stability in the bottle or can, it is necessary to guarantee the quality of utilities, such as water, steam and gases, that are either in direct or indirect contact with the product.

Solutions for water filtration and purification

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Solutions for steam filtration

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Solutions for gas, air and vent filtration

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Filter integrity testing

Various factors, such as particle loading, pressure and temperature fluctuations, as well as sanitizing and sterilizing procedures, may result in wear on filter elements. Filter integrity testing is a non-destructive method to verify that the filter still meets the specifications.

The Palltronic Compact Touch portable integrity testing ensures the performance of the filter in the process, by the pressure decay test, which is strongly related with the ability of a filter to retain specific microorganisms.

As an essential part of food and beverage production, filter integrity testing helps avoid expensive contamination-related problems such as product losses, reprocessing, or production delays.

Final product testing

The Pall GeneDisc system for monitoring / identifying microorganisms, quickly provides the user with solutions for identifying a range of pathogens from soft drinks, wine and beer.

It consists of sealed discs containing various reagents.

Can simultaneously detect multiple types of microorganisms or types of yeast that can alter the quality of the final product.

Provides rapid results - for bacteria, detection time is reduced from 5 days to 2 days, and for colonies or yeasts, up to 2 hours.

We rationalize processes

The key element in a quality product is the control over time and costs associated with filtration equipment, operation and other challenges related to contamination.

Product quality control

Control over production time by outsourcing filtration expertise

Control over filtration resources by choosing high efficiency products

Control over cost by easy operation, reduced maintenance and maximized production,

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