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Klarwin, an example of good practices in the treatment of leachate Bârcea Mare Waste Management Center

Klarwin is announcing the successful implementation of the project for supplementing the leachate treatment capacity at the Bârcea Mare Waste Management Center, in Hunedoara. This was also confirmed by the local authorities, following an unexpected check that took place earlier this week.

“Klarwin has delivered, installed and started operating   a mobile leachate treatment plant within four days of receiving the request. We have 12 equipment with a total treatment capacity of 1400 m3 / day. With their help, we often intervened at the request of the landfill operators for the treatment of leachate, with the fulfilment of all the quality norms of the permeate that is discharged in the natural circuit according to NTPA001. Regarding CMID Bârcea Mare, everything is functional and fully operational right now “, said Lucian Pavel, Manager of the Environment Technology Departament within Klarwin.

Klarwin is a European leader in short, medium, and long-term leachate treatment services. Within over 17 years of experience in the field and the most up do date technologies worldwide, Klarwin has become the reliable partner of waste operators that want to implement the most advanced treatment solutions.

The long-term solution is for all warehouses to choose high-performance equipment that does not allow environmental catastrophes to happen from the start. In order for waste management activities to be carried out continuously and without hindrance, sustainable investments are needed, with prior verification of the experience and results of suppliers in the field.” explained Lucian Pavel.

Klarwin equipment uses the unique reverse osmosis technology for leachate treatment, licensed by Pall Corporation. Klarwin containers can be used within 3-4 days of delivery to warehouses.