Klarwin® - ” The Fluid Perfection Company”

Celebrates 15 years of activity, performance and growth.

Honestly now:

how many companies that are not afraid to use the word “perfection” in their promise do you know?

And furthermore, where does this boldness and faith – that the “fluid perfection” promise will be delivered – come from?

The answer might seem a simple one, but the reality on which it is based is a construction of day by day vision and strategy, methodically, for 15 years:

It’s about people. It always was. Klarwin promises and delivers “ fluid perfection” because it relies on a dream team now comprising 59 cross-industries super-specialists, capable and trained to conceptualize unique solutions of applied engineering for production processed, to implement them and help its clients to maintain them viable and efficient. To this day, this stellar team is still led by the founder of the company, Adrian Dobre, involved in “business as usual” in the last 15 years, with the same optimism and passion as a decade and a half ago. “Perfection doesn’t come from perfection. Perfection comes from relentless, passionate, hard-working people.”

Eastern Europe is not a walk in the park. Klarwin promises and delivers “fluid perfection” because it relies on hardened East- European entrepreneurship and pioneering, where values such as sustained work, agility, responsibility, perseverance and involvement are not just written words on hanged posters, but clear instructions of behavior and interaction.

No player can make it alone. Klarwin promises and delivers “fluid perfection” because it succeeded in being a reliable architect of partnerships with the best technologies, suppliers and elite minds – such as Pall Corporation, Tecninox, Brevetii CEA, Fedegari Group, Antares Vision, D.O.C Validation, Bonfiglioli Engineering, Grimm & Wulff, Emtrol, Nijhuis, etc.

The brand is us. Klarwin promises and delivers “fluid perfection” because it is inspired by the ideology which states that at the foundation of every solid business lies the brand – as synonym for “reputation” really – in front of all stakeholders, be they employees, partners, clients, the business environment or any other. Fluid Perfection is the name of the Klarwin reputation, tested throughout these 15 years.

What’s next?

Perhaps the brightest future that the Klarwin team whishes for is Taking the business to the next level of purity.

Really? Can that actually be true?

How many other billions, tens of millions, tens of thousands or thousands of products, patents, solutions, hours of study, learning, assistance and training, installations, treatment plants would still be needed – on top of everything else, to elevate Klarwin to the next level?

We are convinced that in the next 15 years we will find this answer – and many, many others.

Because we are prepared. Prepared to find answers for the most challenging questions. Prepared to handle all possible situations. Just watch us!