20 years since a small Romanian entrepreneurship, driven purely by an engineering ethos, dared to aim for perfection. The courage, vision, and ambition to strive for ‘Fluid perfection’ elevated Klarwin from a local pioneer into a recognized regional European leader.

For this, we invested passion and hard work, assembling a team of perfectionists who had the strength and determination to build step by step, while fighting off inertia – and sometimes even fighting amongst themselves –  to become better in everything they do.

20 years since:

We create an Impact for Good

on a large scale and excel in what we do: filtering, treating, cleaning, innovating and educating.

We provide customized solutions

with a direct Impact for Good on vital industries, businesses, and the environment.

We systematically deliver

sustainable, innovative solutions, and optimize industrial workflows.

We act responsibly

and walk the talk by engaging, inspiring and bringing real value to communities.

We are guided by

integrity and humility and see our job through the lens of principles.

We envision the future,

proactively generating the right impact for the present.

We are the little but vital cogwheel

at the core of large organisms like cities, utilities and business, keeping them alive by providing clean, safe, essential fluids.

We celebrate

our past achievements with pride.

Cheers to 20 years of Impact for Good through fluid perfection!