D.O.C. Validation

Partnership through excellence

"Fluid perfection" implies openness, flexibility, along with smooth and continuous collaboration with our business partners. Our relationships are based on trust, cooperation, respect and mutual interest in delivering remarkable results.

Established in 1997, D.O.C. Validation is an italian consulting company with international experience in the cGMP Compliance & Validation for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2011, the company received the ISO 9001:2008 certification for “cGMP compliance and consultation services”.

D.O.C. company headquarter is located in Settala (Milan) with a subsidiary office in Padua (near Venice); the company employees qualified technicians, engineers, active members of regulatory organizations as PDA and ISPE in order to provide the highest quality level of support, documentation and consultancy, fulfilling the most updated pharmaceutical industry regulatory requirements.

Thanks to a constant business increase generation and in order to satisfy the market demand, in 2014 the company opened a brand-new headquarter facility now able to hold training sessions and seminars.

D.O.C. core business is mainly addressed to pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers such as Engineering & Contracting Companies and Original Equipment Machine (OEM) manufacturers.

In this working environment, DOC plays for its Clients the role of “System Integrator”, acting as “Communication Platform & Facilitator” between the cGMP Compliance Requirements (the complying of which is the ultimate Target of any Pharmaceutical System) and the Final Users. The result is a totally validated and functional system.