Fedegari Group

Partnership through excellence

"Fluid perfection" implies openness, flexibility, along with smooth and continuous collaboration with our business partners. Our relationships are based on trust, cooperation, respect and mutual interest in delivering remarkable results.

Today Fedegari is a highly dynamic industrial group controlled by the family, ready to tackle the challenges of a global technological scenario. Fedegari is capable of offering innovative solutions for clean and sterile processes (from sterilizers to decontamination units, through washer-sterilizers and special systems for elastomeric closures) both in terms of products and services. In fact, in recent years Fedegari has extended its products range, thanks to the acquisition of Bio Com Srl, a company specialized in chemical bio-decontamination processes and contamination control. Fedegari heavily invests in the development and acquisition of innovative technologies, expansion of services, innovation in production facilities and ongoing training of personnel. 

A unique characteristic of Fedegari is the extreme verticalization of the company, which has always refused the idea of assembling sophisticated sterilizers and other machines with standard components (COTS) designed for multiple applications, building everything in-house. This has allowed, after many years of field experience, to control technology through in-depth knowledge of the machines and processes and the constant innovation of its products.