Filtermist International

Partnership through excellence

"Fluid perfection" implies openness, flexibility, along with smooth and continuous collaboration with our business partners. Our relationships are based on trust, cooperation, respect and mutual interest in delivering remarkable results.

Filtermist’s ethos is to protect people by ensuring cleaner, safer, more productive workshops.

Established in the UK in 1969, Filtermist manufactures a range of compact, quiet and efficient oil mist collectors which are trusted by world leading manufacturers to effectively remove oil and coolant mist, fume and steam from workshop air.

Oil mist is created by machine tools spraying high pressure oils and coolants onto metal components to keep them cool during manufacturing operations including milling, drilling, turning and grinding. Exposure to airborne oil mist particles can cause a number of occupational diseases including skin conditions, respiratory problems and even cancer. It can also pose a fire and slip risk, and can damage sensitive electrical equipment if left in the atmosphere.

Filtermist oil mist collectors use centrifugal force to separate oil mist particles from the air – clean oil drains back to the machine for re-use or collection, and clean air is returned to the workshop.

Filtermist offers local support in more than 60 countries worldwide through a network of approved distributors and subsidiary companies.