Hofstetter Gastechnik AG

Partnership through excellence

"Fluid perfection" implies openness, flexibility, along with smooth and continuous collaboration with our business partners. Our relationships are based on trust, cooperation, respect and mutual interest in delivering remarkable results.

Hofstetter Gastechnik AG is specialized in collecting all type of gases, their use and safe combustion in flare burners.

WHAT WE DO FOR OUR CLIENTS: Hofstetter Gastechnik AG provides engineering solutions for handling landfill gas, biogas, gas from coal mines and any combustible gas. With the technology, infrastructure and right personnel, Hofstetter Gastechnik AG assists you in your project of controlling your emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) or generating energy from biogas.
Hofstetter Gastechnik designs and manufactures flares and gas treatment systems in Switzerland with the highest quality standards Switzerland stands for.

OUR APPROACH: Does no matter how complicated your project might look like, Hofstetter Gastechnik AG is happy to assist you and, certainly, to find a solution together. Hofstetter Gastechnik AG works close to its customers. Hofstetter Gastechnik AG is active worldwide and has a network of agents in several countries who can assist you locally providing services and maintenance of our degassing systems.

OUR GOAL: is to be your long-term partner for environmental solutions and degasing systems. Hofstetter Gastechnik AG wants to become the market leader in landfill gas and biogas treatment systems.

WHY WE DO IT BETTER THAN OUR COMPETITORS: The persons working in Hofstetter Gastechnik AG manufacture flares and degassing systems since early eighties. The first flare manufactured was looking to provide a solution for the bad odor in landfills. Hofstetter Gastechnik AG engineers were pioneers applying innovative technology and their expertise is at your service. The flares are manufactured to endure the time. Hofstetter Gastechnik AG’s systems work, always.