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Smart Solutions for Hub Connection Seminar

Klarwin, together with its partners, GS1 Romania, OSMR and Antares Vision , invites you to attend the Track and Trace seminar under the new EU directive on falsified medicines, which will enter into force on 9 February 2019, as well as other world regulations.

The seminar addresses companies involved in the production and distribution of medicines, such as:

* drug manufacturers that have GMP authorization;
* companiile ce prestează servicii în calitate de CMO (Contracting Manufacturing Organisation) pentru DAPP din țară sau străinătate;
* companies providing services as a Contracting Manufacturing Organization for MAHs in the country or abroad;
* companies involved in the SNA (Special Needs Authorization) procedure;
* parallel importers;
* other companies involved in the chain.
On this occasion, participants have the opportunity to get all the necessary details on the new European and international requirements on the quality and safety of medicines.
At the same time, the stages related to the elaboration of a serialization program including product identification and inspection, data processing, software and hardware architecture, as well as the communication of data to designated national health or international authorities, to ensure product integrity and combat fraud and counterfeiting