Klarwin® Technik offers services and technical assistance for the installation, commissioning and optimization of filtration, separation, purification of fluids and water treatment systems.

Klarwin® protects the performance and reliability of water treatment systems and aims to support its customers, at each step. Based on 15 years of experience, Klarwin can build and commission new, relocated or refurbished systems.

Protecting system value for 15 years

Our technical assistance services cover the entire period of micro/ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis system operation.

By working with Klarwin®, you benefit from:

Service and technical assistance, instant service reports, to optimize performance, reliability and operating time of the system.

Real-time monitoring with KLARITY, with information on system operating parameters anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Simplified service

Technical support

Service 24/7 (based on regional availability)

Emergency service


Inspection and maintenance

Troubleshooting and repair

Operator training and trainings to refresh knowledge

Spare parts stock

Detailed reports

Your system’s health insurance

Klarwin Service Team is authorized to review the original design and specifications of the system, for assessing the actual system performance and needs.

filtrate flow rate

membrane permeability

CIP frequency

integrity test history

operational costs for chemicals and energy.

This creates a practical basis for future planning, including module replacement, operating system and SCADA updates, spare parts, chemical products and much more.


We support a predictive maintenance system, to diagnose possible issues of the water treatment system, ensuring years of efficient membrane life and long-term protection of the system.

Klarwin® provides the latest consumables and equipment, such as:

Membranes, regardless of the type of system: Aria tubular fibres, spiral membranes or Disc Tube modules;

Parts and system consumables;

Housings and filter elements to protect micro/ ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis systems: bag filters, cartridge filters, ceramic filters and more.

System upgrades

Klarwin® offers all possible upgrades: – hardware, software, process and protocol.

Real-time monitoring

Klarwin® remote monitoring application for leachate treatment plants offers quick and reliable access to system’s performance anytime, anywhere, on any device, through a secure and private connection.

The system is secure, easy to use and fully customizable, allowing users to personalize the information on the dashboard.
A powerful set of tools helps manage the system efficiently:

Intuitive dashboard

Customizable historical data trends

Automated reports

Real time alerts.

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