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This is the official web site of Process Engineering Limited, a legal entity in Romania (hereafter referred to as the Company or Society). Copyrights of the entire content belong totally to society. Those who access this page accidentally or intentionally have rights to explore the content; reproduction, translation or use of published information may be performed in good faith only with indication of the source; copying or printing of materials contained on the Website for personal purposes may be done solely with the written consent of the Company, without the right to sell in any way whatsoever; The content of the website is addressed to professionals, and there is no intention to offer / contract / commercial information to individuals. Any person who bases his or her decisions, actions or inactions on the information contained in this website assumes full liability for any losses suffered directly or indirectly. The Company disclaims any responsibility for the content of the website to which this webpage may / may be referenced.

The data and information are presented on the www.klarwin.com website (property of the company), being published only for informational purposes, without the website containing offers / intentions to contract. Some data and information may be retrieved from our partners, or may be media reproductions or publications, with commercial, technical or scientific content. Any contracting must be approved by the company's manager. The Company reserves the right to modify both the content and the structure of the webpage at any time and without notice. Any attempt of any kind to change the image and information of this site, except its legal owner-the Company, and the making of links without prior consent gives the unilateral and unambiguous right that the Company make use of all its prerogatives to address the legally competent courts for detecting and sanctioning these facts. Submitting a request on the company's website is the agreement that the Company has the right to contact customers directly or through its contractual partners using the data for this purpose to receive presentation materials and to conduct sales and marketing campaigns , analyzes and other similar activities


The current Klarwin Fluid Perfection logo (used together or separately) is a protected trademark and belongs exclusively to the company, may be used only with its prior written consent. Any use other than with prior consent in any way, whether for a patrimonial purpose or free of charge, constitutes a violation of its rights. The presence of the logo does not represent a commitment or irrevocable obligation assumed by it, does not guarantee the contracting of services or guarantees and does not guarantee in any way the fulfillment by the partners / clients / suppliers etc. of the obligations assumed by them.